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May 9, 2010

Virtual graffiti

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Virtual graffiti – this could be a method to tag a physical objects around you. For example, you were dissatisfied with service in café or flat you rented – and you would like to leave a note for next visitor.

Next visitor can read all notes wearing virtual reality glasses after.


Draw to waiter?

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It is good quality to draw precisely… it is possible then to communicate with waiter in foreign country easily. Did you try this? Is there any place in Internet when such pictures are shared?


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Skepticism is great fear to be cheated. But it is also hamper to fantasy developing: input information is not diving into mind deeply.

Religious synchronization

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It is very important what you believe in. Do you believe in karma law – then it may work for you. Believe in God? Maybe it will work for you too. When you believe in something like that, you organize a space around you in concordance with laws you believe in.
This is religious synchronization. That is why it is too important what your neighbors believe in. That is why religious wars are for.
Religious war is just meme propagation process.

Psychological manipulation

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Evil eye is when you unconsciously execute the will of those who put evil eye on you, “apologizing” to him, because you have something as subject of envy.


Well, it is too dangerous to communicate with psychological manipulator. But you can use it, maybe as leech, to see what you really want and what you really are.

January 18, 2010


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Why any culture offer roughly constant number of human names? Why no more, no less, but roughly the same number? Is this response to social needs of each human, in dependence of rough number of social contacts?
E.g., names pool should be enough to hold relatives, co-workes, classmates, etc?

January 16, 2010


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One of the most serious questions of life  is what to do and what to wait for.

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