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May 10, 2010

Sexual imprinting

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The only problem in pornography exposing to children is their possible sudden imprinting reaction to it, they could stuck on it and become perverts and/or sexual fetishists.

I think there are box in mind we have empty after birth. Sometime it is open suddenly for short period of time and random things from around falling into it. The box size is almost the same among all people. It is impossible to meet someone without problems in mind, but we can easily notice that amount of problems is roughly the same among all people. It looks like human have limited capability to stick on their problem.

I wish we could have in future some electronic detector, signaling when box is open. In this time, human could be isolated from all information sources. Not without consequences, probably.


Self-replicating 3D printer to build 3D fractals…

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3D fractals are really cool!

It is time to connect this datum to not just 3D printer, but to self-replicated 3D printer (RepRap), turn it on and leave it working. I bet we’ll see Escher-like sculptures!


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Door lock doesn’t protect from everyone – it protects only from lowest social circles like vagabonds and thieves.

Cryptography is information protection at such level where human cannot find a way to break it, at modern time. In some sense, this is protection from us.

Mechanical television

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Mechanical television – is the thing I really would like to learn before world war III and possible live in bunker. Maybe it will be possible to transmit images without electricity at all.

One Nipkow disk is outside bunker, constantly rotating by windmill. The light is passed through disk coming by optical fiber right into bunker to observer. Another Nipkow disk is here.

One problem is to synchronize disks… so far.

May 9, 2010

Cognitive dissonance

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The difference between what told to us in childhood and reality is defined my ability of common people to perceive cognitive dissonance.

Extreme conditions are:

If we educated with pink glasses on eyes, we’ll become escapists in adult age.

If we educated as realists, we’ll not try to change the world we live in.


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A lot of opportunities self-murderers have: let’s taste hard drugs (all of them); borrow a lot of money and taste a wealthy life, take round the world travel; take transsexual surgery; let’s taste homeless life.
Lie to as many women as you can, make them pregnant and disappear.


By the way, let’s raise a question: how many self-murderers fake their suicides as accidents? For the sake of taking off relatives and parents from personal things and notes and blogs, so they will not dig it so deeply trying to find anything could explain a reason of suicide?

Virtual graffiti

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Virtual graffiti – this could be a method to tag a physical objects around you. For example, you were dissatisfied with service in café or flat you rented – and you would like to leave a note for next visitor.

Next visitor can read all notes wearing virtual reality glasses after.

Draw to waiter?

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It is good quality to draw precisely… it is possible then to communicate with waiter in foreign country easily. Did you try this? Is there any place in Internet when such pictures are shared?


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Skepticism is great fear to be cheated. But it is also hamper to fantasy developing: input information is not diving into mind deeply.

Religious synchronization

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It is very important what you believe in. Do you believe in karma law – then it may work for you. Believe in God? Maybe it will work for you too. When you believe in something like that, you organize a space around you in concordance with laws you believe in.
This is religious synchronization. That is why it is too important what your neighbors believe in. That is why religious wars are for.
Religious war is just meme propagation process.

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